The Unpaid Job of the Trailing Spouse

It is not surprising that trailing spouses find generally difficult to advance or even continue their professional carrier when constantly moving from one place to another one. Obstacles faced by the accompanying spouses range from visa restrictions to language barriers, from lack of knowledge of the local job market to being busy with settling in

Expatriation Extinction? Not Really…

With the proliferation of home office and distance working following the coronavirus pandemic of 2019 and 2020, it was believed that employee expatriation could completely disappear. Surely, expatriation has reduced as a result of these more accepted and practical ways of working, but in certain circumstances, expatriation will continue to make sense for both the

Art as an Expression of Culture

Art in all its forms and shapes is the ultimate expression of culture, and as such, a powerful way to understand society. Literature, poetry, music, dance, painting and theatre, to name a few, reflect the authentic nature, the idiosyncrasy as well as the history of a community. They are different manifestations of thinking, creativity and

Localisation Trend = Expat Conversion

Localisation has gained significant momentum over the last years. In simple terms, localisation implies migrating from an expatriation contract to a local contract, and it involves consequently changing some of the terms and conditions of the job assignment. In general, it means losing all or most of the expat benefits such as spouse and family

Language and Integration

Expatriates and their families are more often than not encouraged to learn the local language when they settle in a new destination. Many do follow this advice, but others prefer either to stick with a common language like English and/or just learn a few words of the local language to survive in their new environment.

Cultural Integration versus Cultural Assimilation for Expats

When expats and their families move abroad, they are recommended to integrate or to assimilate the culture of their host country. Recommendation or not, the sole process of facing a new culture would end up in assimilating that culture or integrating into that culture or both -one after the other-. But what does that mean?

The Whole Expat Package

Expats decide to take on an international assignment after weighting in many factors. Some of them are associated with family stability and spouse development, others are related to children education and/or health service access, among others. But they evidently take into consideration employment elements that can make or break an expat journey abroad.   According

Summer Festivals: A Cultural Opportunity

During the summer months, it is common for festivals of all sorts to take place all around the world. Especially this year, after a couple of summers with social restrictions and travel limitations, many summer festivals are coming with force and high expectations to make up for the Covid-19 cancellations.   But aside from the

Culture in Times of War

The unjustified invasion of Russia into Ukraine has resulted in a senseless war with multiple negative consequences. Aside from the tragic loss of life, the destruction of Ukrainian buildings and infrastructure, the separation of innocent families, the abuse mostly of woman and children and the complete disregard for democracy and free will, the war is

Expat Spouse’s Employability

It is no secret that expat spouses wishing to find a job abroad face numerous obstacles. Aside from the fact that many of them are not granted a working visa or a residency permit with the possibility of being employable, which obviously disqualify them from even starting to look for a job, the ones that