Project Roots: Where Art and Culture Intersect (with the collaboration of Camille Deniau)

Camille Deniau is a visual artist and the founder of Project Roots ( She has successfully been able to mix her diverse cultural experiences with her artistic talent not only to create a promising business but also, and probably most importantly, to exteriorise and give meaning to her emotions. Her story is inspiring and constitutes a great reinvention example for those struggling with cultural issues or looking for some type of identity in confusing circumstances.
Here her insightful testimony…


For as long as I can remember, I have painted, drawn and created. This has always been a strong part of my identity and it has evolved with me throughout the different phases of my life and international moves. I’ve grown up as a Cross-Culture Kid, hopping from one country to the next, which has left me feeling uprooted and lacking a sense of belonging. My artistic practice has been an anchor throughout these transitions: I’ve always needed a creative practice to feel balanced and happy. The other soothing force in my life is the majestic nature that surrounds us and the stability I feel when I’m walking among trees, as I imagine their roots deep below. To me, trees have always been a source of strength and anchorage as they literally don’t ever move!


In 2016, after years of artistic exploration and building skills in different mediums, I wanted to create something of my own and grow an artistic identity. Inspired by my fascination for trees and other artists’ work with transparency, shadows and black ink, I started designing and drawing trees on glass with black markers. Drawing these trees was a way for me to explore and strengthen my identity and mostly a way to create what I needed for myself: roots and a feeling of “home”. I was bringing the energy of nature closer to us and that’s how Project Roots started.


What began as a personal journey and exploration, has now developed into a professional activity and I have recently launched a website where my artwork is sold online. Through my artwork, I want to bring these feelings of security, strength and energy to everyone who feels uprooted. With Project Roots, I’ve set out on a mission to give every home and every human in the world the possibility to feel a little more grounded, rooted, and centered by bringing this energy of trees into our homes.

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