The Holidays from Hell: Expats’ Travel Plans during the Covid Nightmare

Needless to say, the last couple of years have been very unpredictable and challenging due to Covid. Among many restrictions and rules, travel bans have come and go and all the logistics around trip and vacation planning has become stressful and cumbersome, to say the least.


Evidently, this has made traveling very complicated for everybody. For expatriates, in particularly, it has been even worse as many of them have not been able to reunite with family members for a long time, and now, with the new virus’ variant, they face the possibility of not being able to spend Christmas and the New Year at their home country.


How should expats navigate these complicated times? There is really no straight answer, but maybe these tips could help:


– Try to have flexible holiday alternatives or a “plan B” in case plan A doesn’t work or gets cancelled.


– Don’t stress from things that are out of your control; focus on things you can manage. Using meditation techniques and other well being practices always help to reduce anxiety.


– Foster a calm and peaceful environment at home. It is enough with all the negativity coming from the news and the pandemic.


– Try to innovate and be creative when it comes to celebrate the holidays at home (host country): try a different menu, organize dynamic activities or short day trips, connect virtually with friends and family that are far, adopt some traditions from your host country = make it fun.


– Talk with other expatriates in a similar situation and exchange notes. They may have some interesting ideas to emulate. Nothing better than empathy and understanding in these unprecedented times.

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