About me

Hi, I am Micaela.

I have been an expat spouse for over seventeen years, and I know first hand the struggles and difficulties of relocation and cultural adjustment. Being Peruvian with German ancestors, and having lived in four different continents, I have experienced culture shock in all its forms and shapes. I am no stranger to the challenges of a nomad life, but I know for a fact they can be overcome through appropriate coaching and professional guidance.


My professional background was mainly in Economics and Business Administration, but as part of my expatriation journey, I reinvented myself and chose a more suitable career path. I casually started helping friends and acquaintances with their expatriation challenges, and I realized that I could do more for them and others facing the same issues. That is why I became a certified intercultural trainer and expat coach and founded MiCulture.


During the training and coaching sessions, I use a mix of my personal experience and formal education to guide and advise expats and their families on their relocation and cultural adaptation requirements. I favor tailor-made solutions for every individual or small groups depending on needs and interests.


Do you want to make your expatriation a success? Do you want to integrate in the local community to a longer-term stay? Then contact me for a thirty-minute free initial consultation (with no obligation), and we will take it from there.


Born and raised in Lima, Peru


German school in Lima, Peru

1980 – 1991

Peruvian / German exchange program in Radolfzell, Germany


Economics baccalaureate at University of Lima, Peru

1992 – 1997

Professional experience at consultancy Think Tank in Lima, Peru

1996 – 1998

Language proficiency studies in Michigan, USA


Professional experience in Spanish Bank in Lima, Peru

1999 – 2002

Relocation to Montreux, Switzerland


Business studies online / Florida, USA

2003 – 2004

Professional experience in Spanish Bank in Geneva, Switzerland

2004 – 2009

Independent courses on Psychology online/USA


Relocation to Johannesburg, South Africa


Freelance consulting for African research company, South Africa

2011 – today

Postgraduate non-profit studies online / Minneapolis, USA

2011 – 2012

Relocation to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Relocation to Lutry, Switzerland


Intercultural Trainer and Moderator Certification in Freising, Germany


Life Coaching Certification online / USA