MiCulture offers Coaching, Training and Consulting customized sessions and packages for expats, expat spouses, expat families, individuals working or operating in an international and diverse environment and anybody wishing to overcome relocation and cultural challenges in the professional or personal life. These services can also benefit mobility and relocation specialists that directly deal with expatriates and that need to develop cultural sensitivity to better serve them.


Cultural Awareness

✔ Managing cultural shock
✔ Coping with challenges of new destination
✔ Understanding cultural differences
✔ Developing cultural sensitivity and avoiding stereotypes
✔ Integrating smoothly to new culture/location
✔ Understanding behaviors, communication and etiquette of local culture
✔ Practical tips and applications for operating in new environment


Personal and Professional Fulfillment / Reinvention

✔ Creating a personal plan to achieve individual goals and to identify a sense of purpose
✔ Establishing a new routine
✔ Preparing and following up on a professional plan for success (leveraging on skills & passion to reach objectives)
✔ Adapting successfully to new life/new home
✔ Establishing and reinforcing identity abroad
✔ Creating a fruitful environment (family, friends and support network)



  • On-Line (Skype) or In Person
  • One-on-One and/or Small Groups
  • Spanish or English
  • Single session or 3, 5 and 10-session packages
  • A session typically lasts one hour
  • Customized solutions possible
Free 30-minute consultation