The Whole Expat Package

Expats decide to take on an international assignment after weighting in many factors. Some of them are associated with family stability and spouse development, others are related to children education and/or health service access, among others. But they evidently take into consideration employment elements that can make or break an expat journey abroad.


According to Internations’ Expat Insider Survey of 2021, the top 3 things most liked about expatriates’ current job are: 1) the opportunity to work remotely or from home, 2) a good work-life balance and 3) flexible working hours. These findings clearly reflect the value expats give to flexible and balanced jobs, where personal time and family space are respected. It is not surprising that the most successful expat experiences belong to those that are able to successfully juggle work, family and personal matters.


Also, in the same survey, when expats were asked about the top 3 things most important in a dream job they favored: 1) good compensation and/or benefits, 2) good work-life balance and 3) creative/ interesting tasks. Aside then from the financial factor, expats again pay special attention to “soft elements” like having time for themselves, their family and friends, as well as to jobs that allow for creative thinking and engaging activities. Professional and personal development go hand in hand and are equally ranked by expats looking for a fulfilling journey abroad.


Although it is true that the expatriation trends and protocols are changing as a result of the pandemic and that remote work is indeed gaining terrain as time passes, it is also certain that expats are and will continue to look for ways to improve their quality of life while in an international assignment. The monetary package and the job-related activities will be measured against personal development and a fair work-life equation. Employers or sponsor companies should look into these types of incentives when hiring expats or when offering mobile contracts to facilitate a beneficial international experience.

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