Intercultural Training & Coaching for Expatriates

Are you struggling with your expatriation? Do you feel frustrated and trapped in your new environment? Are you not coping well with the cultural differences of your new destination?
That is normal and can be easily overcome with the right preparation.


Expatriation is a complicated journey. Although it offers many opportunities, it is full of challenges… It is not uncommon for expats and expat spouses to feel isolated and depressed, to face language barriers and cultural clashes, to lose their identity and lack a proper support system. In fact, many expatriation assignments are cut short due to unhappy or, better said, unprepared expats.


Nevertheless, expats and their families can succeed on their journey by receiving the right training before, during and after the relocation. They need to have the right tools to cope with the challenges of moving to a new destination and adjusting to a different culture, as well as of coming back to their home country.


MiCulture, founded by experienced expat spouse and intercultural trainer Micaela Flores-Araoz, offers you tailor-made training and coaching sessions to help expats and their families achieve their objectives, adapt better (culturally and practically) to their new environment and to make the new destination their home.


MiCulture can facilitate an easier and more complete expatriation experience by applying valuable knowledge and expertise to each particular case. The focus of MiCulture’s training and coaching is on each expat’s needs and interests so that he/she thrives in their destination and reaches the highest level of personal fulfillment.


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