Culture, Social Distance and the Corona Crisis

In today’s context of the coronavirus global pandemic, social distance has become a major topic as a measure to contain the spread of the virus. Indeed, it has been proved that keeping a distance of two meters or more with other individuals can prevent contagion; something crucial nowadays that a vaccine isn’t yet available.  

Expat Repatriation: “Expect the Unexpected” to Succeed

Repatriation can be as difficult and challenging, if not more, as expatriation. Although “coming back home” could be logically seen as easy, expats that have gone through repatriation have reported that moving back was actually more complicated than settling in in a different country and adjusting to a new culture.   The fact is that

Individualism versus Collectivism in light of the Coronavirus

In the middle of this coronavirus pandemic, that is challenging the entire world, it is fascinating to witness the externalization of the individualism and collectivism cultural dimension as its best.   While in many Asian countries, governments have decided to enforce mandatory measurements of confinement and social distancing, policy makers in the US and in

The Move: Challenges Expatriates Face

Theres is no doubt that the act of moving could be very stressful and cumbersome for expats and their families. Although sponsor companies generally take care of the costs related to the move of their nomad employees, expats still need to invest a lot of time and energy in logistic and administrative related tasks to

How to Develop Cultural Competence?

Cultural competence is the ability to effectively interact and operate in different cultural settings. Cultural competence, or cultural intelligence, is crucial and could be the difference between success and failure for expatriates, their families or any individual dealing a culture different than theirs.   Acquiring and developing cultural competence is an ongoing and dynamic process

How to Overcome Culture Shock?

Culture shock is that feeling of confusion, disorientation, disappointment and frustration that individuals experience when exposed to a different culture. This is very common among expats and their families as they constantly are taken out of their comfort zone to enter into a new and foreign environment. Culture shock is, however, “treatable”. In order to

The Male Expat Spouse: A Growing Breed

Although traditionally expat spouses tend to be in their majority female, it is a fact that male expat spouses are increasing in number by the day. Male expat spouses have to face as many, if not more, challenges than female expat spouses, as they are breaking the mold and not complying with the typical male

The Three Must Do’s Before Expatriation

If I could only give three “quick” basic recommendations to new expats or expats embarking in a new assignment before they move, I would tell them to: Read and research as much as possible about the new place they will be establishing their home. Having a good amount of information before moving to an unfamiliar

Searching for a Sense of Purpose while Abroad

It is very common for expat spouses to lose part of their identity when sent abroad, following their partners. While expat employees have a decent level of certainty of what they will do or which job position they will occupy as part of their international assignment, trailing partners have no idea if they will be