Why Should Expat Spouses Volunteer?

Voluntarism could be crucial for expats, but most importantly, for expat spouses that tend to have more time at their disposal and that are constantly searching to take on fruitful activities. Volunteering can indeed translate into great opportunities for those living abroad.


By devoting time to charitable organizations, expat spouses get the opportunity to network and to be in contact with an interesting and diverse group of people. Friendships can be fostered and social contacts can grow as a result of collaborating with non-profit entities. 


At the same time, expat spouses that generally struggle to get a job or to advance their careers during the expatriation journey, can keep their CV alive by volunteering and dedicating time to nonprofitable organizations, something that could be very useful when trying to reentry the labor market later on.


Additionally, expat spouses feel a great deal of fulfilment by using their time in a productive manner and by being part of a noble social cause. This, in consequence, helps them better adapt to their new environment, increase their self-confidence and strengthen their self-identity.


The possibility of being in contact with the local culture and learning more from it is another advantage of volunteering that expat spouses should take into consideration. By regularly interacting with locals and witnessing local traditions, expat spouses will get a better understanding of the host culture and improve their cultural competence.


Expat spouses should definitely consider volunteering while living in a foreign country as a way of accomplishing personal and professional goals that will, most likely, result in a better and smoother journey abroad.











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